“Unwalled Poetry”

“Unwalled Poetry – A Different Devotional Experience”

“Unwalled Poetry is a devotional book with a difference.”

You will be blessed by this mix of 101 poems, scriptures, and meditations that get to the heart of the matter.

Embedded with Kingdom principles, the poems in “Unwalled Poetry” are realistic, powerful, and expressive, yet, gentle, relatable and comforting to the spirit. They deal with the laughter and love, the heartaches and pain, the bitter and the sweet moments, the guilt and the shame and many other matters we experience as Believers in our walk with the Lord.

“The special devotional format invites you to read and meditate on one poem and its related scripture a day, then reflect on what you believe God is saying to you and how you will apply this revelation to your life.”

Each day’s meditation on the Word and poetry will enrich your spiritual growth and experience, challenge you to a deeper walk with the Lord, and empower you to succeed on life’s journey.

Whether used for morning contemplation, afternoon stimulation or evening relaxation, individually or in a small group, “Unwalled Poetry” will encourage your heart, edify your spirit, and inspire your soul.

Unwalled Poetry” is available online in paperback and e-book formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, SmashWords, Christian Living Books and many other distributors worldwide, and in the Bahamas at The Bible Book & Gift Center – Palmdale Shopping Plaza or from me personally.

Here’s the Amazon link allowing you to preview, share and/or buy Unwalled Poetry.


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